When the vehicle owner to do routine maintenance on the car service shop will usually pay a higher price than the price that must be paid.
And it occurs because some components that are not problematic, but replaced with new components.
Of course it makes the cost will be more expensive than it should be paid by the owner of the vehicle when performing routine maintenance.

Usually it happens because a mechanic who misdiagnosis the cause of the damage when checking the condition of the vehicle.
However, things like this can also be caused by intentional elements by those who commit fraud by replacing new parts, even though the old parts did not experience any problems at all.
Moreover, if the car owner did not know about the various possible causes of the damage caused to the vehicle engine.

Then how to find out about that?
Here Amazon Protection will share some tips for those of you who often experience some problems as follows. … .. … ..

~ Vehicles that are difficult to turn on in the morning.

Some factors contributing to the difficult vehicle is turned on when the morning (the condition of being cold engine) is a battery that is dirty and rusty,

the voltage of the electric current in the battery that is lacking or even me that has been exhausted, the fuel injector is in trouble, the engine compression is too low, voltage electric current to the battery is less or even battery has run out, fuel injectors are problematic, too low compression engine, the distance between the spark plug head and the spark plug axis is too tenuous, and also the fuel pressure regulator is defective.

~ Weak engine power.

This problem often occurs due to the deterioration of power produced by the engine, so that it will reduce engine performance.

Some of the factors which occur due to the installation timing belt that is not right, fuel pump that has a problem, dirty fuel filter resulting blockage, and the tension between the spark plug head and the spark plug axis is too far.

~ Machine that sounds like a hiss

Some people have experienced complaints on the vehicle's engine that makes a hissing sound.

The reason is infet manifold or throttle body gasket that has leaked, vacuum that has a leak, and gaskets on the cylinder head that are damaged so that they leak or tear.

~AC was not working optimally

Damage to the AC (Air Conditioner) will make the rider feel uncomfortable, especially while the sun was conditions scorching.

The cause of damage to the air conditioner is often because the condenser / valve / evaporator is too dirty.
Therefore it is recommended that cabin filters are routinely cleaned always at least every 6 months
.Here are some tips from Amazon Protection
Most important thing for you when you want to perform maintenance of vehicles to the workshop is.
Choose an official workshop as a reference, because at least the official workshop always provides genuine parts and professional technicians.

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